Truths from an 8 Year Old

Watching church online for the past few months has been weird. I miss seeing my friends and singing songs with large group in my second grade class at Grace Kids. I’m excited to get back to church to learn more about my favorite people in the Bible: Peter, Isaac, Jesus, and, of course, the Lord!

In April, my mom, brother, and I picked up an Easter packet from church. I loved the colorful and fun activities inside, especially the Resurrection Eggs. My mom told us the story of Jesus,
His resurrection, and why we celebrate Easter. 
After I looked at everything in the packet, I asked my mom, “How do we know Jesus is real?” She explained that Jesus died for my sins and she read some scripture from a book called Romans. She also explained that just because we can’t see something, we feel it and we know it’s real, just like air around us. I like Science, so this made total sense! To me, faith is another word for belief and I believe Jesus now lives in my heart.

I want to keep learning more about the Bible and am also looking forward to getting baptized soon. I’d like to get baptized because when a person is baptized they get put in the bath for like two seconds in front of the whole church. When they come out, they are all clean and fresh. Nothing better than that!

Miles Rannick