Upside Down

For some of us, life might feel like it’s been turned upside down the past few weeks. But, sometimes looking at life from a different perspective can create insights we would otherwise miss.

This past weekend we wrapped up our series growing out the first two chapters of 1 Peter where we found hope while living far from our eternal home. If you missed the online worship and teaching, you can watch here and make plans to participate online this Sunday at 10:30 at, Facebook, or YouTube. In fact, you can even join a live question and answer session right after the service from the GFC Live page.

Crowds of people gathered to listen to Jesus teach on the hillsides around the Sea of Galilee. The ideas he expressed were different from anything they had heard before. They were so amazed by him that they followed Jesus all over Galilee and even into Jerusalem and Judea, and we’re still following Jesus and his teaching today.

Matthew chapter 5 records one of the most well-known parts of Jesus’ teachings that is difficult to understand and even harder to live. This weekend, we begin exploring this part of Scriptures, called the Beatitudes, together. Think about who you could invite to join the online service. You might share a link with them just before the service starts or host a “watch party” from Facebook. I think you will find that Jesus’ perspective on life is just as revolutionary today as when he first taught the crowds. You may even find that it turns your view upside down.

Thanks for continuing to build and reach our community together.


P.S. Later this week we plan to send out a video update about our plans for resuming regular church activities.

Titus O’Bryant
Teaching & Executive Pastor of Ministries