Helping broken and vulnerable people
find life in Christ

God loves broken and vulnerable people… people like us. Jesus’ life and teaching, as well as the mission he gave to His church, communicate this love. We want to express God’s heartbeat by reaching the next generation, eliminating barriers for newcomers, and maximizing local and global impact.

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We are all broken. The deepest and most common type of brokenness we experience is spiritual… separation from the life of God that’s found in Jesus. That spiritual brokenness spreads to other parts of life and our world affecting each of us in unique ways. We are all vulnerable. At times we all find ourselves feeling isolated, struggling, and in need of help from others. We want to reach out intentionally to those pushed to the margins of society, families facing significant challenges, and individuals dealing with pain and loss. We believe that God is close to those who are brokenhearted, and we want to move closer to the broken and vulnerable, too.

Our elder team established a strategic planning group, including representatives from the church body, elders, and staff, to identify where our church is at and where God is calling us. Together, we celebrated our strengths, noticed some weaknesses, and paid attention to the community we’re part of. As a church, we’ve been great at building community inside our church, but not as effective at reaching people with the good news about Jesus. Incredible opportunities surround us for inviting people to enjoy the life that Jesus gives, and we want to enthusiastically be part of living out the gospel to attract others to Jesus and bring glory to Him.

No! GFC exists to join God in building a community to reach a community. That isn’t changing, and neither are our values. Our vision is how we plan to carry out the mission God has given us for a particular season. The last vision of GFC was the Ultimate Journey (being changed by Christ and used by Christ). Instead of focusing on that, we will be focused on helping broken and vulnerable people find life in Christ.

Over the next several years, in dependence on God, we will focus on three major strategic objectives that will help us move towards this vision.

Reaching the next generation by …

  • Launching a young adult ministry at GFC.
  • Involving the body of GFC in mentoring and intergenerational relationships with young adults. 

Eliminating barriers for newcomers by …

  • Creating a culture of invitation and improving processes to help newcomers “stick” more easily.
  • Framing our services more intentionally with the newcomer and the person who does not know Christ in mind.

Maximizing local and global impact by …

  • Continuing to emphasize existing partnerships (with Mountain View and other partners) and events (ECHO, Joy Prom) that are in line with this vision.
  • Investing in new or increased partnerships (BEE World, Compassion International) and becoming a more effective catalyst to reach broken and vulnerable people.

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