Worship Arts

Worship Arts creates engaging environments in which our congregation can worship together and learn about God’s word.

Band Member

assists the worship leader in skillfully leading others into a time of worship through song (requires an audition)

Baptism Volunteer

baptism volunteers assist with the backstage logistics of the baptism services, which happen about 4 times a year

Production Team Member

serves in a variety of ways, including: running lyrics, helping as a stagehand, running sound, running lighting cues, and occasionally helping with special concerts and events in the facility (no experience required)


assists the worship leader by both singing and facilitating an atmosphere conducive to congregational worship (requires an audition)

Stage Hands

Be a part of our Sunday services by assisting with the transition from worship to teaching on stage during each service. When: Sunday mornings, 8:40-10:30am and/or 10:30-12:30pm