5 Things You Will Learn at Next Steps

We’re all on a journey. At GFC, we want to help you take the next step on yours. Next Steps is a gathering led by a GFC pastor that will dive deeper into the unique qualities of GFC and give you the opportunity to get connected in various ways.

1. What does GFC believe?

We want to be super clear on what we believe and how live it out. At Next Steps, we will discuss our mission, vision, and values in depth and answer your questions.

2. What is a local church?

We will discuss how we organize and what we do when we gather. There are many reasons for gathering, and we want to help you connect and form community.

3. How did GFC start?

Our rich history is local to the area and has formed a beautiful story of God’s grace at work.

4. Who makes decisions?

We will discuss our Elder and Staff Leadership Teams. They are responsible for the ultimate oversight and direction of the church. They serve to make critical decisions on church vision, strategy, and culture.

5. What’s next?

As the saying goes, connection and growth happen best in circles, not rows. Groups are a great way to meet people, develop relationships, grow spiritually, and make a larger church seem small. There are many opportunities to join a group at GFC.