The Pulse: Join the Resistance

The Pulse: Join the Resistance March 7, 2022 “Joy is an act of protest. It is resisting the temptation to allow your bad

The Pulse: Join the Resistance2022-03-08T17:26:13-05:00

The Pulse: Other People’s Trees

The Pulse: Other People's Trees February 21, 2022 Bob Buford, a seminal leader in various Christian organizations over the past 50 years, once

The Pulse: Other People’s Trees2022-02-22T14:46:19-05:00

This is Not Our Rest

This is Not Our Rest My friends and I might not be “old,” but we’re definitely not young. And as a result,

This is Not Our Rest2021-07-13T11:25:01-04:00

The Pulse: There Goes Your Dollar

There Goes Your Dollar Dear GFC Community, A father gave his little girl two dollars and said, "You can do anything you

The Pulse: There Goes Your Dollar2020-10-27T15:19:19-04:00