I hope you are having a fantastic week! Here are a few things to look forward to this Sunday:

  • The 16-week series on The Way of Jesus has concluded. You can view any of those past messages here, but as one thing ends, something new can begin!

The book of Judges tells of a dark time in the history of God’s people before there were kings. What should have been an era of thriving relationship with the Lord spiraled into a cycle of sin, suffering, and much-needed salvation. In more ways than one, understanding the actions of God’s people, and God’s reactions to them, is timelier than ever. We will see together that when God’s people forget God’s purposes, the consequences are disastrous. I hope you will join us and discover how we can avoid a regrettable repetition of such history.  Please join us and discover how we can avoid a regrettable repetition of such history.

This week’s message is titled A Familiar Cycle. Watch this short video from The Bible Project on Judges to prepare for Sunday.

  • This Sunday, we will also honor our high school, college, and graduate school graduates in a unique way that you will not want to miss!

Our high school students will serve in various ways on the hospitality team, and there will be a special time of worship and prayer for them in the service!

  • Summer is often a great time to get away and get refreshed. Let me encourage you with two ways to get refreshed spiritually and build community with either of these two Grace Groups offerings.
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-Patrick Mitchell, Executive Pastor of Ministries