Did You Know GFC Has an Online Prayer Wall?

We are commanded many times in the Bible to pray – to pray for our government and leaders, to pray for ourselves, and to prayer for others, otherwise known as intercessory prayer. When we practice intercessory prayer, we glorify the only One who can answer them. Our prayers display trust in God, our belief in Christ, and when prayers are answered, we praise Him for his faithfulness. Our prayers glorify God.

These prayers don’t need to be eloquent or filled with big words. They instead need to be filled with heart and authenticity. We can’t fool God with fancy prayers. He knows us inside and out. And His desire is for us to be as comfortable talking to Him as we would with our best friend or our own mama. When we pray, God will work in our hearts, conforming us to His will and filling us with His peace.

GFC’s Prayer Wall allows us to share prayer requests for our loved ones and ourselves, as well as the opportunity to pray for others. These requests can be shared either with your name listed, shared anonymously, or the details of the request not shared at all (unspoken). When others pray for your request, they can click a button indicating this and, if you so choose, you can receive notifications. Knowing when someone is praying for you in real time can be both humbling and powerful!

Ultimately, GFC’s Prayer Wall is a great way to love our neighbors and grow closer to our Creator. Click here to take a look, leave a request, and start praying. Who knows… you may also be able to see updates for requests you’ve been praying for, allowing you to also praise and worship!