Don’t Go Without Grace Students!

Coming to Grace on Sunday nights is genuinely always the best part of my week. It is a place of love and acceptance, and I immediately feel welcome as I walk through the doors. All of us students are incredibly lucky to have the youth pastors, small group leaders, and worship leaders that we have. I always feel like I am being treated with such respect, which sometimes makes me completely forget about the age gap between me and my small group leaders. Personally, my favorite part about coming to sunday nights are the discussions we have in my small group. A lot of kids my age don’t realize how important it is to talk about our problems and thoughts, especially with other people that might be going through the same thing. Without Grace Students, I have no idea where I would be in my walk with God. The community has repeatedly shown itself in every other aspect of my life, and has shaped me into the student, friend, brother, and son of God I used to dream of being.

Not only does Grace Students have a lot to offer from 6:30-8:30 on Sunday nights, there are also countless opportunities for being even more involved in the church, including service projects, the high school student leadership team, and mission trips. I have grown so much in my relationship with God on the retreats! Escaping from the worldly distractions for a few days and surrounding yourself with the Lord is an extremely effective way for God to reach you in ways you never thought possible. Over the past couple years, I have decided to be as involved as I could be with the church, and I am very glad I made this decision. Not only do I have the chance to help setup for Sunday nights with SLT, I can even be a small group leader for elementary schoolers on Sunday mornings. Having the chance to influence young believers and have a positive impact on their lives brings so much joy to my soul, and it is all thanks to GFC allowing me to do so. I can only imagine how much more I will discover about God’s glory through Grace in the future. If I had to name one thing I am most proud of in my life, it would be being a part of Grace Fellowship.

Sam Harless