Grace Students Welcomes
Newest Staff Member Caelan Peterson

Recently, Grace Students welcomed Caelan Peterson to their staff team as Student Ministry Assistant. Let’s learn more about Caelan!

Where were you born or where are you from originally?  Johnson City | Tennessee | USA

Any pets?  Cat | Toby | 3 years old

Where did you attend high school?  Science Hill High School, May 2017

Where did you attend college?  East Tennessee State University, graduating May 2021

Do you have a favorite bible verse or scripture passage? Ephesians 2:10

How long have you attended GFC?  21 years

What serving roles have you held at GFC?  Student Leadership Team | 10th Grade Small Group Leader | Childcare | Student Ministry Intern | Communion Server

What was your first job?  Farm Hand

What is your all-time favorite song or band?  Foo Fighters

What is your favorite tv show?  COPS

What is your all-time favorite movie?  Tron Legacy

What is your best or funniest memory of being in Grace Students yourself as a teen/student?  Any student ministry trip!

What is your favorite student ministry game or activity? Nuke’em (volleyball with a twist)

What is your favorite thing about working with students? Watching them grow in Christ, and seeing them come face to face with the “Ah-ha” moments.

What are some little known or interesting facts about you?

I love to work on cars!
A big hobby of mine is Bleach Dying.
I was crowned ETSU’s Homecoming King my freshman year.
I have been attending GFC since I was born!


A Word from Student Pastor Blake Tyree…

I have gotten to know Caelan very well over the past couple of years. I watched him grow in our student ministry when he was in high school, and I started working with him more closely when he started working as our student ministry intern while he was in college. I knew almost right away what a hard worker Caelan is and how much he wants the best for every student in our ministry. I am excited that he is now an official staff member because of his strong work ethic, positive attitude and energy, and great ideas for things we can do to more effectively reach our students. He brings a diverse skill set to our team, is personable, and relates well to every student and parent he comes in contact with. He is and will continue to be a valuable part of our student ministry team!

A Word from Caelan…

Dear Grace Fellowship members, parents, and students. I am so thrilled to finally be a part of staff and all that is going on here at GFC! As we continually transition away from Covid times, I am stoked to see regular planning kick back up. I am also anxiously awaiting summer planning and in the near future, trips like fall retreat and summer camp! I am always eager to meet new faces, so if you see me, feel free to say hello! I have been a part of GFC for over 20 years now and I am excited to see what this next chapter holds!