IF:Gathering 2023

Grace Women enjoyed a live simulcast of nationally-recognized speakers, worship, and global updates on Bible translation efforts. Women from over 10 area churches filled the seats. They enjoyed meaningful connection around tables, refreshments, catered lunch, fun giveaways throughout the weekend, and, most importantly, were given the opportunity to receive prayer, with several sharing their decision to put their faith in Christ for salvation, celebrating new life in Him!

This year’s theme was Psalm 23 and how we have and need our Good Shepherd, Jesus Christ, to finish the race of our spiritual lives well. Many shared hardships and trials increasing and the need to be tethered to the Word of God for doctrinal strength and nourishment. Spiritual practices were discussed and modeled. Ann Voskamp even held a 6-day-old lamb in her arms the entire time she presented as a visual for how secure we can be even in chaotic circumstances when we live as lambs held lovingly by the Father’s arms. Several spoke of revival in colleges and churches across the nation, of persecution rising but also the boldness of believers and of a growing sense of urgency to focus on the foundation for the believer: faith in Christ rooted in God’s Word.

The visual of the lamb and the sweet sound of its bleeting moved me deeply because of God’s invitation to be as simple and needy and weak in His competent care. Later that evening, praying with a woman new to the area who wanted to be saved and didn’t know how she could be sure. Gathering around her with a handful of sisters laying hands on her, praying, listening to her confession, and celebrating with her…I want more of this in my life and in our church.