Invite God’s Grace into Your Marriage

Tim Kimmel and I were not only classmates at DTS (Dallas Theological Seminary), we were friends. Tim and Darcy and Mary and I, shared a pivotal stretch of our spiritual journeys together, with little idea of what lay ahead for us. All the four of us knew was that our lives had been transformed when we came to faith in Christ and we were compelled by His Grace to follow and to serve him.

As you know, GFC will welcome Dr. Kimmel on February 8-9 for an encounter with the radical power of grace as it is lived out in our marriages. Early on in his ministry path Tim understood and championed the irreplaceable dynamic of Grace in the home. He has written books about it, taught on it, preached it, and more importantly lived it out with Darcy in their home. If you are married, the insights and inspiration you will receive at this conference could easily be a game-changer; fueling your relationship with patterns of thinking and acting that could break through impasses that might be holding you back from so much more that God designed your marriage to be. If you are single, this input could significantly shape your expectations for a marriage along with guiding you toward practical skills for “living the dream.”

Consider at face value the potential impact of this upcoming conference:

The Grace Filled Marriage Conference explores the daily reality of a life lived out with a commitment to treating our spouse the way God treats us—with grace. In this provocative look at love, we’ll see how God’s grace plays out in our marriage as we navigate through the areas of kids, conflict, sex, aging, and endings . . . gracefully.

Yes, it means signing up and registering. It requires sacrificing some prime discretionary time when you might be watching the kickoff of a game or just kicking back yourself. Coming to this Friday evening and Saturday morning event is a choice, but more importantly it is an investment. It holds the potential of immense rewards not only for you and your spouse, but also for your children and beyond as the ripple effect of God’s Grace permeates your relationships.

Tim and I have not had the chance to connect in a long while, but I look forward to renewing our friendship and learning from his passion to proclaim and equip couples to allow Gods indescribable grace to flavor their own lives and relationships.

May grace and peace be yours in the fullest measure. 1 Peter 1:2

~ Larry Nees

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