Reaching Our Community

ECHO is an opportunity for the body of GFC to shine the light of Christ in our community through a unique and special day of service. We are made to serve from our redeemed hearts so that our city, our neighbors, and our schools might see His heart for them!

On Saturday, July 27th we will roll up our sleeves and spread out into our community to clean up, fix up, assist and help local organizations and schools in a variety of ways where they have needs.  Everyone is welcome to chip in as there are all levels of contribution from light construction and dirt-under-the-fingernails clean-up to fulfilling mass mailings and helping teachers set up their classrooms.  There is a job for you and your family!

Let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven.” Matthew 5:16

Here are a few comments from last year’s volunteers:

“It’s amazing how God uses people to make connections to get things done!”

“Everyone had a great time working together.  Families got to enjoy the fruit of their collective labor.”

“Please continue using ECHO to serve the local organizations we support/partner with year-round.  It’s a great opportunity to connect more of GFC to our community and gives these local organizations the opportunity to thank the people of GFC for all they do.”


For more information and to sign up check gfcnow/echo Or see us at the ECHO lobby tables this Sunday.