The Pulse: Re-Directing the Soul

Several weeks ago, we added a new member to the Murphy household – a chocolate lab named Clover. She’s pretty cute.
One thing any puppy-owner will tell you is that puppies like to chew. Everything. So the best strategy is to teach them to chew on certain things (like dog toys) and not on other things (like your favorite tennis shoes). It’s a bad idea to just say, “No chewing!” Why? Because puppies come into the world as born-chewers; it’s what they do. Rather than punish their misplaced chewing, your job as an owner is to re-direct them.
Similarly, all of us human beings come into the world born to do one thing – live fully. We can’t help it. We try to find life in all kinds of places (money, sex, power, control, religion, and relationships to name a few). Take a look around our world today for an abundance of examples. What does Jesus say in response to these misplaced pursuits of the soul?
In the New Testament, Jesus doesn’t say, “Stop trying to find life!” Instead He redirects people to Himself. One such example is John 5:40 when Jesus says to a hard-hearted group of Jews, “You refuse to come to me that you may have life.”
Jesus knew that any attempt to find life outside of Him would be bankrupt. That He Himself is the living water we all so desperately thirst for (John 7:38). And so, Jesus boldly and unapologetically invites people to find life in Him.
Lately I’ve thought about the reality that while I’ve put my faith in Jesus and have come to Him for life, I still wander. How often do I go digging broken wells, searching for something else to satisfy? More than I’d like to admit. How about you?
His invitation to us is no different than it was that day in Jerusalem.’Come to me to have life.’ How might He want to re-direct you and I today in our searching? After all, He’s the only One who’s got what we’re looking for.
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Matt Murphy
Lead Pastor