Reflecting on the Past Year & the Importance of Small Groups

I joined the staff at GFC as the Adult Ministry and Groups Pastor about one year ago. It has been such a joy serving our church family in these roles. My year started with visiting many small groups that met in homes. What an experience! I met so many wonderful people during these visitations. It was fun to see how diverse the groups are and I can’t wait to visit many more once this current season is over and we are all back together again. In the meantime, and since I’m still getting to know you all, I thought I would share my heart with you about my desire for groups at Grace Fellowship Church.

Two of my goals for small groups at Grace is to start new groups and develop new group leaders. So with this goal in mind, I started a new group in January and have handed it over to another leader. I anticipate starting another group in September, then handing that group off to another leader as well. This strategy will enable GFC to have more groups so we can welcome more and more people into the small group experience at GFC.

The value of small groups at GFC started when the church was originally founded. I have spent a lot of time with elders and members from those early days to learn their heart behind the actions and decisions that formed our local church of Grace Fellowship. The goal of those who founded the church was to create small groups of people who built genuine relationships (fellowship) in an environment of unconditional love and acceptance of people right where they are (grace). Through these groups, people could connect relationally and grow spiritually. Since this time, many small groups have begun, great relationships have been built, and spiritual growth has happened.

Today, we have many different types of groups at GFC: ongoing community groups that meet in homes, short-term groups that meet based on a certain topic, common interest, or life season, and Bible studies for both men and women. Additionally, in this current season, we have added online groups. In all of these, people are growing in their relationship with God and others. Around here, we often say that groups are a way to make a larger church feel smaller.






As I look back on my first year of ministry at GFC, I do so with thankfulness to the Lord for directing my steps to GFC. As I look forward to more ministry years, I anticipate visiting more small groups and meeting new people. I look forward to starting new groups and developing new leaders so we can connect more and more people into a deeper relationship with Christ and the Grace Fellowship Church family.

Sharing in God’s Grace Together,

Brad Robertson

To learn more about current available groups at GFC, visit our Groups page. There you’ll find info on community groups, men’s groups, women’s groups, college and young adult groups, common interest groups, and Bible studies, meeting both in-person and online. You can fill out the Groups form to join a group or request more info.