It was supposed to be a colonoscopy to confirm diverticulitis, but on January 18, 2023, everything changed when the doctor said “we found a tumor, and I think it’s cancer.” Two weeks later, Young Shil had surgery to remove the tumor. About 30 days after the surgery, she embarked on 6 months of chemotherapy that just ended in mid-September. It has been a very difficult year for our family, but we have never felt more blessed through of this. First, we were blessed to find it when we did. If not discovered, the tumor would have certainly spread to other parts of the body, and this would have been a much different diagnosis. We were blessed to have access to excellent physicians and facilities to get the care Young Shil needed right here where we live. We have been extremely blessed by the outpouring of love & support from our friends and family. Get well cards line the border of our dining room and kitchen. So very many have been praying for us this whole year that we have actually felt the power of prayer.

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