Broken and Blessed

That’s what Jacob means. Scoundrel. Manipulator. Greasy salesman…

In a culture where your name represented your character and your destiny, I’m sure there were times Jacob wished his parents gave him a different namesake. But true to form, Jacob spent most of his life deceiving and conniving other people (his brother,  dad, and father-in-law to name a few). Jacob had a knack for using people.

He even tried to manipulate God! (Genesis 32 tells the story). But as he wrestled with God, pleading for His blessing, something extraordinary happened. For the first time in his life, Jacob was broken.

He walked away limping from his divine encounter, and a new pattern emerged in Jacob’s life. He blessed his brother Esau in Genesis 33 and later, he blessed the Pharaoh in Genesis 47. Jacob had never blessed anyone – in fact, he spent much of his life taking blessings from others. But brokenness changed him.

I’ve been thinking about Jacob lately. In part I think because I relate to his manipulative, controlling tendencies. God seems to use brokenness in our lives, if we allow Him, to make us into more humble, wholehearted followers of His. I know He has (and does) in me.

Be encouraged that God is at work in your life – in all of life, maybe even especially in the broken places. And be encouraged also with the reality that, like we see with Jacob, God never gives up on us.

Seeking to Struggle Well,


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Matt Murphy
Lead Pastor