Faith in a _____ World

Dear GFC Community,

Chuck Swindoll once encapsulated the true story of a man who experienced a rude awakening in church. “He generally slept in church, so on one Sunday he dropped off like he always did, only this time a power outage left the auditorium in total darkness. The pastor did not use notes to preach and kept right on preaching. Somewhere toward the sermon’s end, the groggy parishioner woke up. He rubbed his eyes but couldn’t see a thing. He heard the preacher and could feel his wife and daughter on both sides of him, but everything was pitch-black. In a state of panic he stood up and declared, “Help me, I’m blind!” Laughter filled the darkened room, one complacent church member experienced revival at the altar of embarrassment, and one blessed pastor enjoyed poetic justice.”

Like the sleepy, startled individual that day, many of us feel to a large degree in the dark right now. With so many cultural and political forces in motion and so much uncertainty around us, part of us feels like crying out, “Help!!!”

What does it look like to live out our faith in this kind of a world, the world that we are in right now? That is what we’re exploring in our new teaching series, Faith in a _____ World. Beginning this weekend, we’ll take a look each week at a new dimension of our world today and what it means to trust God in the midst of it. I hope that you will make plans to participate this Sunday onsite or online at 9:15 and 11am (if you missed yesterday’s service, you can watch it here).

Praying God gives strength and peace to you and to our whole church as we navigate through this _______ world together,


May the Lord give strength to his people! May the Lord bless his people with peace! (Psalm 29:11)


Matt Murphy
Lead Pastor