Dear GFC Community,

I heard a funny story years ago about a kindergarten teacher who instructed her students to draw a picture of someone or something that was important to them. Long after everyone else finished, one little boy was still working. The teacher lovingly approached him. “Johnny, what are you drawing? ”Without looking up, the boy replied nonchalantly, “God.” Taken back, she said, “But Johnny, no one knows what God looks like.” His answer? “They will when I’m through!”

What is God really like? It’s the most important question that any of us will ever answer. How we view God affects every area of our lives…. not only how we approach God, but how we show up in the world and the decisions we make.

The Bible doesn’t give us an actual picture of God (though He is portrayed through a number of different images). However, the Bible does describe who God is. And amongst those different biblical portraits, one stands above the rest – Exodus 34:6-7.

This passage is so significant because it is the first time in Scripture that God describes His own character. It is also the most quoted passage in the Bible by the Bible (quoted more than 25 times in the rest of the Old Testament!) Beginning this Sunday, we’re going to dive into these two verses and mine the depths in order to grow in our understanding of God’s character. I can’t wait!

For those wondering why we’re pushing pause on Luke, we typically take a break from a longer teaching series like Luke for the summer months. Don’t worry, it’s just a pause! We’ll be jumping back into our study of Luke in August.

So excited to grow deeper in our understanding of God’s character these coming weeks as we seek to answer the most important question ever. See you Sunday!


Matt Murphy
Lead Pastor