Last Words and Final Conversations

What were the last words of Horatio Nelson? Nelson is one of the greatest naval heroes in history. His leadership gave England victory time and again as Napoleon Bonaparte exerted his influence across Europe. Nelson’s great victory over a combined French and Spanish navy at the Battle of Trafalgar in 1805 was overshadowed by Nelson’s death in the battle. He was shot by a sniper, received medical attention, and survived for several hours before passing away. Historians still speculate and argue about some of his final words.

“Kiss me, Hardy!” was reported as one of the final statements Nelson made to Captain Thomas Hardy who was with him in his final moments. But, others argue Nelson said, “Kiss Emma, Hardy,” referencing Lady Hamilton who was waiting for Nelson in England or “Kismet, Hardy,” using a Turkish term referencing fate. Regardless of this debated conversation from Nelson, his actual final words were consistently reported, “Thank God, I have done my duty.”

Last words and final conversations seem so important because they might reveal a person’s state of mind and their view of life when approaching death. Jesus’ disciple John recorded one of the final significant conversations and learning moments that passed between Jesus and his disciples shortly before his death so that we could receive instructions for life.

In John’s Gospel, depending on the English translation you’re reading, the word “life” shows up about 40 times. Life is one of the central themes in John’s retelling of the story of Jesus. And, in Jesus’ own words in John chapter 14, we hear him unlocking the door to life that lasts forever and to really living right now. Jesus prepared his disciples for life without his physical presence and gave instructions or a blueprint for the way that a life of faith in Jesus would work.

Would you stay on this journey with us as we explore Jesus’ blueprint for the Christian life in the weeks leading up to Easter? We will explore what our life looks like together with other believers as we live in an unbelieving world, how we live in the power of the Spirit of God and how he lives through us, how our life is rooted in Jesus, and what it looks like to wait for him to return and make things right again. Listen for the voice of Jesus as we eavesdrop on this important conversation with his first followers.

Thanks for building from this blueprint together,


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Titus O’Bryant
Teaching & Executive Pastor of Ministries