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Marking the Autumn Season

The Pulse: Marking the Autumn Season

October 18, 2021

For everything there is a season, a time for every activity under heaven,” Ecclesiastes 3:1 NLT.

The change from summer to fall reminds me of this truth more than any other time of the year. The passing seasons create rhythms of constancy in the middle of change, as well as beauty. It’s in the autumn season when we see the true color of leaves. You might remember how this works from your leaf projects in elementary school…

For most of the year, leaves are full of chlorophyll that helps turn light into energy. The green color of chlorophyll turns the leaves green. As trees prepare to survive the colder temperatures of winter, they shut off the narrow tubes carrying chlorophyll to each leaf. As the leaves empty of chlorophyll, they change to reveal their natural colors of yellow, red, and orange before eventually falling. Although they appear lifeless, those trees are just waiting until spring to burst out with fresh leaves.

I don’t know what season of life you are experiencing right now, but I believe that God has a purpose for every season and a time for every sort of activity that occupies our lives. “God has made everything beautiful for its own time. He has planted eternity in the human heart, but even so, people cannot see the whole scope of God’s work from beginning to end,” Ecclesiastes 3:11 NLT. Just as the seasons create constancy and beauty in change, God creates beauty in each of our lives—even at the times we can’t see it.

This fall, we are marking the season in two special ways. First, on October 31st we’re planning to worship outdoors and enjoy the fall weather together. Consider who you could bring along with you, and don’t forget to bring your own chairs or blanket for seating. Find all the details here.

Second, we’re hosting Candy CARnival, a drive-thru candy trail and outdoor block party, at GFC on October 31st from 3-5pm with live music, games, inflatables, and more! This will be a fun and memorable occasion for you and your family. We’re hoping this can also be a great opportunity for people to discover that our church can be a fun place to experience God, too. You can sign up to help out or attend and forward the link as an invitation here.

Remember, God makes everything in his own timing, and we get to be part of his work.


Titus O’Bryant
Teaching & Executive Pastor of Ministries