Mission and Methods

For a parent, the mission of guiding a child to maturity in each area of life (physical, spiritual, emotional, mental) never changes, but the methods a parent uses change dramatically between infancy and the teen years. For a military commander, the mission of defending our nation is the same today as it was in 1812, but the strategies and techniques employed are radically different. (Not to imply any similarity between warfare and parenting.)

Today’s church looks and acts somewhat differently than the church of the 1st century or even the 20th century, but our mission remains the same. At GFC, we’ve expressed that mission “to glorify God by joining him in building a community to reach a community.” The mission remains the same, but as we reach out to help broken and vulnerable people find life in Christ our methods and strategies will adjust over time. This past year has been a series of adjustments, but I’m looking forward to the positive difference of changing a strategy for children, students, and their families.

We want to reach and connect with middle schoolers in the most effective ways possible. This Fall, we are planning to launch a middle school environment for 6th-8th graders on Sunday mornings. We believe a vibrant teaching and worship opportunity on Sunday mornings (when most families will already be attending church) will help us grow in our opportunity to shepherd and launch students with authentic, reproducible faith.

I’m grateful for the staff members and volunteers committed to partnering with parents to cultivate the spiritual lives of children at GFC. This is an essential part of our mission through early childhood, elementary, middle school, and student ministry—even when our particular methods and strategies change. And this mission is big enough that all of us can help accomplish it. If you’re interested in influencing future generations toward Jesus right now by exploring what it looks like to volunteer, just let us know here.Titus

P.S. As we discover wisdom for life in our Fool Proof series, we plan to explore the topic of sex and why God cares about it this coming Sunday. Use your own judgment about whether your children are ready for this topic. Consider who you could send this past week’s sermon or catch up for yourself here.


Titus O’Bryant
Teaching & Executive Pastor of Ministries