The Pulse: How to Tell a Lie

After being asked if a lie was a sin, Johnny replied, “Mother, a lie is an abomination to the Lord, but a very present help in time of need.”

Sadly, the second part of Johnny’s quip seems to be accurate based on how many lies and deceptions get perpetuated in our culture today. It’s never been easier to circulate biased news reports, conspiracy theories, and false teaching about God and the Bible than it is today. Anybody with a platform can do it.

So, how do you tell a lie from what’s true? That is perhaps one of the most important questions we can answer.

In both Old and New Testaments, God takes this question seriously and in this coming weekend’s message, we will explore what the Bible has to say. I hope you’ll join us at 9:15 or 11am onsite or online as we tackle the topic Lie Detectors: Discerning Spiritual Truth in an Age of Lies.

A lie may be ‘a very present help in time of need,’ but it can also wreck your life spiritually and steal your joy. Looking forward to learning together what God’s Word has to say.


P.S. Congrats to all of our graduates! From elementary school to graduate school, many individuals in our church took a huge step this past weekend, and we are so proud of them. To learn more about partnering with GFC to invest in the next generation, click here.


Matt Murphy
Lead Pastor