What small group means to us, in our own words…

Starting a new community group this fall, and hosting it in our home, was a big deal to us and we asked God to provide the right people at the right time. He certainly answered. Very quickly, our group began to connect, an answer to our prayer that God weave our hearts and lives together. For the last few months, we’ve been gathering weekly to study God’s word and fellowship with one another. We have already begun to open up our lives, to turn to the group with our needs, to ask the tough questions, and to share the deep discussions you can only have in this kind of circle. We get together to have some fun too: from attending community events to sharing a meal to roasting s’mores around a firepit, we are creating bonds that we pray last a lifetime. We have a group where we can all be ourselves, broken and vulnerable, and navigate life’s journey, both mountains and valleys, as a team. We have a common desire, to be changed by Christ and used by Christ and the group certainly embodies that. Tuesdays have become a time of refreshing and we are so grateful for these folks.

Fain & Shannon Sutherland


A small group creates the atmosphere where friendship, fellowship, and the building of Christ-like character occurs. We all need a comfortable and safe place where we can be real with one another and ask the difficult questions. Fain and Shannon have graciously opened their home and have created this atmosphere.

Kurt & Stephanie Saxsma


Being part of a small group is beneficial to us, so we can experience God with other believers, have accountability, a sense of belonging and support, as we learn and grow together. It’s a safe environment for spiritual questions, prayer requests, other challenges/life matters, etc.

Mike & Stacy Lutwinski 


I really appreciate that we can be honest and be ourselves. We have a good time laughing and cutting up, but we can have serious moments, too. Encouraging one another, sharing our thoughts, our issues, our beliefs. It’s amazing having a safe, loving, caring, group of people to get together with every week. It’s so comforting knowing you are not alone, that God brings people across your path to do life with!  Take the chance that God will bring something new into your life to meet your needs!

Jesse & April Brown


As a newly married couple, Jimmy and I felt it was imperative to find other like-minded Christian couples. Our community group has given us that opportunity. It not only provides us with a weekly bible study, it gives us fellowship and growing friendships. We feel it is so important to bear one another’s burdens as Christians. Being in this group allows us to study God’s word, grow our prayer life as a group, and share Christ’s love for us as a group and be able to reach others for Christ.

Jimmy & Lee Graybeal


Groups are a great way to meet people, grow spiritually, and make a larger church seem smaller. Several types of groups are available for every stage of life: Marriage, Premarital, Men’s, Women’s, Singles, Senior Adults, Financial Peace, and more.

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