The Pulse: Remember Not to Forget

GFC Community, Many comforts we enjoy are underappreciated simply because of their commonplace nature. Typically we don’t realize how much we

The Pulse: Remember Not to Forget2023-05-30T11:33:19-04:00

Student Takeover Sunday

Last Sunday morning, Grace Students took over! Middle & High Schoolers worked together to serve in hospitality, worship, production, and Grace

Student Takeover Sunday2023-05-23T14:51:58-04:00

Judges: A Familiar Cycle

The book of Judges tells of a dark time in the history of God's people before there were kings. What should

Judges: A Familiar Cycle2023-05-22T13:58:21-04:00

Coming This Sunday

I hope you are having a fantastic week! Here are a few things to look forward to this Sunday: The 16-week

Coming This Sunday2023-05-22T10:38:23-04:00

The Way of Jesus – Week 17

Three Warnings In this passage, Jesus sums up His Sermon on the Mount and gives them a conclusion. This conclusion includes

The Way of Jesus – Week 172023-05-08T14:38:24-04:00