Going Public: January 29 Baptism

Going Public: January 29, 2023 Baptism Services On Sunday, January 29, we celebrated several baptisms! It's encouraging to see how God

Going Public: January 29 Baptism2023-01-31T13:58:38-05:00

The Pulse: Warning!

GFC Community, Matthew 5-7 ought to come with a warning label. “Warning: Jesus is about to get in your business. Side

The Pulse: Warning!2023-01-31T11:53:35-05:00

The Way of Jesus – Week 3

Who and What are Disciples? When you introduce yourself to someone, you probably go one of three routes: identity, responsibility, or

The Way of Jesus – Week 32023-01-23T13:43:34-05:00

5 MLK Quotes About the Church

Martin Luther King Jr. was a civil rights leader who fought for racial equality in America. He founded the Southern Christian

5 MLK Quotes About the Church2023-01-17T14:44:44-05:00

The Way of Jesus – Week 1

The Greatest Sermon Ever Time Magazine put together a list of the 100 Most Significant People in Human History, factoring in

The Way of Jesus – Week 12023-01-19T09:07:02-05:00

Best Year Ever

We’ve all heard the term “overnight success.” There are hundreds of stories of athletes and musicians and artists who seemed to

Best Year Ever2023-01-04T12:15:20-05:00