Grace Women: IF Gathering & Groups

Grace Women - IF: Gathering & Groups The darkness doesn’t win. God does. The last two years have been filled with fear,

Grace Women: IF Gathering & Groups2022-05-13T14:27:28-04:00

The Pulse: Special Opportunity!

The Pulse: Special Opportunity! April 1, 2022 Our vision as a church is helping broken and vulnerable people find life in Christ. We

The Pulse: Special Opportunity!2022-05-12T17:31:38-04:00

The Pulse: Other People’s Trees

The Pulse: Other People's Trees February 21, 2022 Bob Buford, a seminal leader in various Christian organizations over the past 50 years, once

The Pulse: Other People’s Trees2022-02-22T14:46:19-05:00

Artists in Christian Testimony

Grace Global Outreach: Artists in Christian Testimony It’s my job to listen to people. This is one of the things I love

Artists in Christian Testimony2021-06-03T17:35:17-04:00