As the saying goes, connection and growth happen best in circles, not rows. Groups are a great way to meet people, develop relationships, grow spiritually, and make a larger church or new town seem small.

Community groups are ongoing groups that meet from September- May. They generally meet in homes or at the church. Some are formed by geographic location, and some by stage of life. They are designed to help you connect relationally and grow spiritually. We have groups for married and single adults, young adults, men, women, and parents of kids with disabilities.

Short-term groups are different opportunities offered throughout the year, such as Bible studies, Grief Share, and more!

Care groups provide a space to experience grace, forgiveness, comfort, and healing as part of a community, and be a part of that for others as well.

Since day one, our mission has been to glorify God by joining Him in building a community to reach a community.