42 Residents, 35 Outside team members and 1 God …. what a weekend!

Words can’t describe the love in the gym at NECX and through out the compound over the weekend. Below are some comments from Residents on the weekend’s impact on them.
  • I’ve never participated in anything like Kairos, the love of Christ was so evident
  • My feet haven’t touched the ground
  • God has changed me and His word changes me
  • Never seen such Brotherhood and Unity
  • You don’t get hugged up here. Never been hugged so much in my life; felt the love
  • Now when we have temptations, we have brothers to help us through – what hurts you hurts me
  • I will shout out the demons – God will prevail
  • Cookies were Amazing – Love, Love, Love them – huge pieces of chocolate chips
  • The Holy Spirit saturated that gym
  • The food was incredible, real roast beef, awesome Thanksgiving dinner, simply scrumptious
  • When I went on Thursday I weighed 203.   When I left on Sunday, I was 208 (good laugh)
  • I’m full of Joy and that I can take off my mask with all of you – I even hugged a guard on the way back to the cell
  • I loved the placemats and colored pictures of Jesus – we don’t get that kind of love
  • I thank God for my new life with Him
  • Worship time and music were wonderful
  • I could feel God’s love on Thursday and it just kept coming and coming
  • The best part of weekend were the letters, absolutely blew me away
  • The Kairos Outside talk tore me up, what a great event for our women.  They are an answered prayer
  • Just like it took 3 days to rebuild the temple, these 3 days have completely rebuilt my life
  • God used every tool this weekend to change me and make my life better.  Yesterday I got saved ( brought the house down!!).
  • I pray everyone on the compound gets to experience this program
  • This is the best experience I’ve ever had in my lifetime
  • I was finally able to drop the gangster role and be real
  • I’ve spent the last 7 years trying to get my life together, this weekend did it
  • I lost God, but I found Him again – right here
  • The Prayer room is an incredible experience
In addition, throughout the weekend, multiple NECX officers thanked us for helping in bringing peace to the compound.
Once again, from the bottom of my heart and the entire Kairos team, thank you for your love in baking cookies, providing financial support, cooking in the kitchen, praying, coloring placemats and posters (the entire gym was covered) etc, etc. You are all part of God’s plan for the Kairos Ministry at NECX. 
God Bless you,