The Comparison Trap

I can hardly contain my excitement over the “Seated and Sent” event that will be at GFC September 14th & 15th. Heather Holleman is honest, funny, and real. What you see is what you get with Heather! I’d heard her name a few times but didn’t really know her until we started working together in the Faculty/Graduate Student Ministry of Cru. After spending a weekend with her I soon found out why her students (she’s also a college professor) call her a walking exclamation point! Heather has a gift that makes her approachable to students, faculty, and everyone. She sort of becomes everyone’s best friend.

Since I liked her so much I decided to read her first book, “Seated With Christ.”  It hit me at my very core because honestly, I struggle with the comparison trap and seeking to find approval and worth in empty things.  I loved how she wrote about Ephesians 2:6 where we have the best seat at the best table.  No more struggling to prove ourselves or gain the approval of others. We are loved.  We are cherished.  We are seated with Him.

Last year I gathered 15 women from GFC to study Heather’s book.  The response was overwhelming.  Every week for 11 weeks I heard story after story of how their lives were being transformed as they realized more and more of who they are in Christ.  One friend said “What a joyous discovery to learn that I am seated with Christ!  Not was- Not will be- I am, right now, pulled up to the table right where my name card was placed.” 

Do you ever wonder if you belong? Do you struggle with comparing yourself to others? Have you ever longed for a more influential position?  Are you sometimes unsatisfied with who you are and what you have? Do you sometimes feel inferior (or superior!) to others?  If any of these are true of you then this event is for you.  Heather beautifully and brilliantly helps you take your seat at the Almighty King’s table. Your life will never be the same.  Heather is just a tool that God uses. It’s His Word that transforms our lives. Come join me for a transformational weekend!

Cara Chute

Do you long to live calm, connected, and secure?  This is the power of seated living. Come, take your seat and live ~simply, freely, fully~ because of Jesus, for Jesus, and in the love of Jesus. Click the button below to sign up!