You are invited to experience IF:Gathering 2023 with Grace Women!

We all want to stay faithful in these changing times, but we won’t last trying to muster courage and faith all on our own. So don’t stay alone; instead, join us for two days of worship with our Bibles as we ask God to move in our lives! The conference will be live-streamed to GFC.

Grace Women has participated in IF:Gathering before!

GFC hosted more than one hundred women onsite during a two-day, global live-stream where women all over the world gathered together in local churches and homes to worship, get equipped, and find the next step in their calling. IF: GFC represented an end to the solitude of the last few years, and it marked the beginning of a community of women standing together on God’s promises.

“There is nothing like the sound of more than a hundred women singing at the top of their lungs, hands raised, sold out to Jesus.”

“I was able to sit at a table full of old friends and new ones which made for some great fellowship and deep conversations. It was wonderful to hear a room full of women praising the Lord with all of their hearts.”

“I didn’t want the weekend to end! I have gone back and re-read my notes and listened to the speakers again and again. I want to be a woman of God full of JOY who gives thanks in all circumstances.”