The Pulse: Come, Lord Jesus

Dear GFC Community, Over lunch recently with Yaro Hnatusko, Co-Founder & Executive Director of Restore Ukraine, I was struck by something

The Pulse: Come, Lord Jesus2023-10-12T09:12:19-04:00

The Pulse: Love in Action

GFC Community, Love’s a word that gets thrown around a lot, including in the church, but often the meaning of it

The Pulse: Love in Action2023-09-12T13:03:07-04:00

The Pulse: People of Prayer

GFC Community, In his book, A Praying Life (excellent book, by the way), Paul Miller says, “If you are not praying,

The Pulse: People of Prayer2023-08-21T11:20:39-04:00

The Pulse: Remember Not to Forget

GFC Community, Many comforts we enjoy are underappreciated simply because of their commonplace nature. Typically we don’t realize how much we

The Pulse: Remember Not to Forget2023-05-30T11:33:19-04:00

Coming This Sunday

I hope you are having a fantastic week! Here are a few things to look forward to this Sunday: The 16-week

Coming This Sunday2023-05-22T10:38:23-04:00