The Pulse: Remember Not to Forget

GFC Community, Many comforts we enjoy are underappreciated simply because of their commonplace nature. Typically we don’t realize how much we

The Pulse: Remember Not to Forget2023-05-30T11:33:19-04:00

Coming This Sunday

I hope you are having a fantastic week! Here are a few things to look forward to this Sunday: The 16-week

Coming This Sunday2023-05-22T10:38:23-04:00

The Pulse: What a Party!

GFC Community, This past Friday night, GFC hosted our 9th annual Joy Prom! More than 700 guests and family members, along

The Pulse: What a Party!2023-04-25T09:36:34-04:00

The Pulse: Sunday’s Coming!

GFC Community, It’s the one thing that changes everything. If Jesus wasn’t raised from the dead, then none of the rest

The Pulse: Sunday’s Coming!2023-04-04T16:00:06-04:00

The Pulse: Giraffes on Ice

The Pulse: Giraffes on Ice GFC Community, In the book, Parenting with Heart, Stephen James and Chip Dodd compare the experience

The Pulse: Giraffes on Ice2023-03-22T10:25:15-04:00

The Pulse: What a Sunday!

The Pulse GFC Community, During yesterday’s message, we looked at Matthew 6:1-4 and how Jesus calls His followers to be marked

The Pulse: What a Sunday!2023-03-07T14:06:36-05:00

The Pulse: This Is My Story

GFC Community, A scholar named Sir Arthur Thomas Quiller-Couch studied stories from all over the world. Based on his research, he

The Pulse: This Is My Story2023-02-28T14:52:27-05:00

The Pulse: Warning!

GFC Community, Matthew 5-7 ought to come with a warning label. “Warning: Jesus is about to get in your business. Side

The Pulse: Warning!2023-05-09T13:24:43-04:00