The Pulse: No Resurrection

Dear GFC Community, “Once a man dies and the earth drinks up his blood, there is no resurrection.” The words of

The Pulse: No Resurrection2024-03-27T09:00:31-04:00

The Pulse: Living Truth

Dear GFC Community, One of our values at GFC is Living Truth – conforming our attitudes and actions to the Bible.

The Pulse: Living Truth2024-03-08T09:22:37-05:00

The Pulse: Doing Dependency

Dear GFC Community, Self-reliance is a stalwart American value. All of us live and breathe in the ethos of hard work,

The Pulse: Doing Dependency2024-01-09T10:42:25-05:00

The Pulse: Prepare Him Room

Dear GFC Community, One of the best parts about the Christmas season is the songs. Unlike those misguided souls who listen

The Pulse: Prepare Him Room2023-12-06T10:31:45-05:00