More Than Just Cookies

Kairos Prison Ministry, a local outreach partner, reaches out to residents at the Northeast Correctional Complex. Twice a year, we hold a Kairos Inside weekend; four days of teaching, encouragement, worship, and more, in which hundreds of residents participate. This is the setting for the distribution of our homemade “Cookies for Kairos”.

Probably the biggest key to a successful Kairos weekend is seeing how God burdens a servant’s heart to rise up and sacrifice for a role they are asked to fill.

And as I was told, putting together a Kairos weekend is like eating an elephant, it has to start one bite at a time. I was asked by many after serving one weekend, how it went. I kept using the word “uplifting”. There was so much joy in the hearts of the residents that were a part of the weekend. As for the volunteers that made up the team, so many said they were also filled with great joy to be a part of serving the Lord.

There were residents who came forward to receive the Lord, and our prayer is that God‘s word will not return void and that seeds will grow far beyond the weekend. There is such a joy in being where God wants you to be.

– Keith Halberg

The next Cookies for Kairos collection is on Sunday October 6 at GFC. 


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