Serving and Sharing our Community

I’ve been volunteering at Dominion Senior Living since they opened their doors over three years ago. It is a place that feels comfortable, and I’ve come to love the residents like family.
On the day of ECHO last year, I was the site leader for the project at Dominion – the church I love came to serve the residents that I love! It was a neat moment as I saw this come to life! Our project for the day was to play games, listen to life stories, and simply love on them. I think the residents and volunteers enjoyed it equally as much. Before and after church on the Sunday following ECHO, I chatted with some of the folks that served at Dominion alongside us. The feedback was positive, and they enjoyed the experience. The volunteers were able to serve as a family to love on and interact with the residents.Parents enjoyed seeing their children play games and do crafts with someone much older, and children were able to observe what serving others looks like

The following Wednesday, I returned to Dominion and heard the residents’ reaction to ECHO. I was tickled to hear their extremely positive feedback. They enjoyed meeting people from my church, they appreciated the games and crafts, but they mostly enjoyed the one-on-one interaction as they shared life stories with the volunteers. Not only were they given individual time and attention, but they were also able to talk about fond memories and share them with someone new.

To say it was a good day is an understatement. It was something my friends at Dominion won’t forget and a time they look forward to in the near future.

– Shannon Sutherland


There are still several opportunities to serve available. Even a few spaces available at Dominion Senior Living (afternoon shift).

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