Rise to the Occasion

During times of challenge, the church has always risen to the occasion. The first church branched out to spread the good news about Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection and start new churches only after facing intense, localized persecution in Jerusalem. In more recent history, the time period known as the Third Great Awakening with evangelistic campaigns led by D.L. Moody and others came about during the divisive years of upheaval before, during, and after the American Civil War. Whether grappling with persecution, war, division, or disease – the church that Jesus established can not only survive but thrive in the face of adversity.

I don’t know exactly how, but I’m confident that God will use even our current challenges to spread the message of the gospel and to strengthen his church. I believe this will happen as we rise to the occasion to demonstrate love to others right now. We can worship and listen to teaching online (if you missed yesterday’s service,¬†watch here), continue building relationships with each other through groups, and love our community by serving.

Right now, we want to love our community by helping our healthcare heroes through:

  • Providing snacks and encouragement with breakroom baskets,
  • Praying daily for healthcare workers at 7AM and 7PM, and
  • Writing personal, encouraging notes to healthcare workers in our community.

Our local hospital system’s capacity is being stretched to provide quality care for those who need it most, and our doctors, nurses, and other healthcare providers are bearing up under incredible strain to continue serving our community. How can you be the hands and feet of the body of Christ in our community?¬†Learn more and sign up to help our local heroes here.

Together we will rise to this occasion,


P.S. Thank you to each of you who are working to continue providing healthcare in our community! You can let us know about your work at the same Help for Heroes link.

Titus O’Bryant
Teaching & Executive Pastor of Ministries