The Pulse: What a Party!

GFC Community, This past Friday night, GFC hosted our 9th annual Joy Prom! More than 700 guests and family members, along

The Pulse: What a Party!2023-04-25T09:36:34-04:00

Autism Awareness Day

Autism Awareness Day April 2nd is Autism Awareness Day! GFC is committed to encouraging and supporting individuals and families impacted by

Autism Awareness Day2023-04-03T09:42:08-04:00

Raising Boys and Girls

Invest in your relationship with your family this year! GFC, in partnership with Providence Academy, will host David Thomas for a 2-day

Raising Boys and Girls2023-05-09T13:21:37-04:00

Accessing Joy

Accessing Joy “Ms. Becca, will you announce me again?  I LOVE walking the red carpet!” As Joy Prom 2018 was winding down, Randy pulled

Accessing Joy2018-10-11T14:25:39-04:00